Fears and Tears



Won’t thou listen

to thy voices


whispering fears

drawing tears

that little imp

which has thine ear


when love feels true

and the going smooth

albeit at its genesis

thus doubt come too


in thy deepest heart

when the blinds part

what doth thou see

Future or Fart

Empty Nights

How do you lose someone

who was never yours

How do you heal a wound

yet still leave a sore

Is the sunrise glorious

on a rainy morning

Is the emptiness lighter

when night is falling

Why does it hurt

to read your letters

filled to the brim with

our hopes and memoirs

If someday this ill wind

leaves and frees your soul

thaws your heart, my sweetheart

will you come home?

Black Panties

in her black panties

laid up, as clock struck

witching hour

her heart torn to slivers

life turned sour

in her black panties

her lover’s touch lingered


‘cept her head filled with naught

but worries and fear

in her black panties

wrapped in each other’s arms

’tis how sleep found them

filled with carnal content

but no love around them

Not Forever

A new dawn

Another morning

Yet again Dreams

leave me yearning


she promised Forever

her search was done

Yet when I awoke

her toothbrush was gone

One Night Stand

Hours after midnight

I surfaced from slumber

but you were gone like

Cinder…that girl from yonder

no glass slipper left behind

naught but sin

‘ful memories of us

in the air and all over my skin

Till we meet again

Inhale. Exhale. Fail.


Eros at the beach

I woke

to the music of waves
as we breathe in salty air
warm sand at our feet

on the blanket she lay
taking a nap after her swim
in the shade
in the nude

hungrily, I devoured her body
my eyes chasing
the rise and fall of her breasts
drawing a path from her lips
down to the valley

I rose in submission
as she smiled in her sleep
I peppered her skin with kisses
my lips traversed her body
and she moaned as the rains began

she raises her yoni
to meet my lips halfway

Take me now…
she whispered

I accepted the invitation

shut doors

if you’d asked me

I’d have gone with you

all the way, down the road

till the world’s end

I’d have built bridges

and sailed canoes, down the river


you never asked

you didn’t stay

you upped and left

and there’s naught left to say

Doubtful H

that island over there
where bliss awaits us
come with me

how will we reach it
far away as it is

that bridge over there
it will take us
side by side, hand in hand

will it hold us
dangerous as it looks

if you trust me
let me keep your worries

But, but…
People will see us