Friends and Lovers

We met in dark room

My love and I

She whispered in my ear and I fell in love…


I shan’t waste your time with poetry. I am quite certain even prose would dissuade you.

I come off often as a hedonist. Simply immoral, corrupt and lacking in barriers.

I do want to live my life as I see fit. I want to enjoy the little pleasures with no worry, no fear, no negative approbation. Plunder and raid the vaults of human bliss, taking no prisoners.

Yet, even the greatest fortresses, conquerors had their weaknesses.


we talked for a fortnight

on books

songs, cinema alike


In the same manner in which I seek to enjoy carnal, worldly and tabooed pleasures, so I pour my heart into  the object of my adoration.

When I fall in love, in the depths of my mind it happens literally just as well as figuratively. I let it all out.

Holding nothing back.

I am never afraid to fall in love. It might hurt. It may fail. But that feeling…that feeling is always worth it.


I told her I love her

she wrote me a letter

she wanted to stay friends

and thus came the end


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