(His phone rings…)

S – I am waiting outside…

T – Come in. There’s no one here but me.

S – But I haven’t gotten it yet. I had to do some chores and you know I couldn’t tell…

T – Don’t worry, I’ve bought it. Come in.


T – Sweetheart it pains me to see you looking so worried. You do know we will get through this together, right?

S – Do you promise? I haven’t been able to sleep these past two nights.

T – Would you like anything? Some tea maybe?

S – Maybe later. I want to do it while I still have the courage…

T – Ok, it’s in the bathroom.

(she comes out some minutes later in tears…)

S – I don’t know. I’m not sure…

T – It’s positive S…

S – ’Are you sure it should be that colour?’

T – …yes…we’re going to have a baby


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