_H107447Please pick up

Oh…voice mail again

Hi…it’s me

I really want to talk to you
I miss you so much

I’m sorry

All those words
Bad words
Hard words

How did it start
I don’t even remember

She meant nothing to me

I’m sorry

We were only flirting

You flirt too
I’ve seen you

With him

That night
at the party
Your colleague
In the eves

Ok, really
I have no excuse
But why

Why would you
search my phone

What happened
To privacy

We promised
Didn’t we
to always
trust one another

Ha ha
How foolish that sounds
After everything

Talk to me
Why do you
ignore my calls


Tell me
What must I do

I’m sorry

Without you
I am empty
I am nothing

Please talk to me
I lo…

The number you are
calling has been disconnected…


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