sex with a stranger

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAKnuckles on wood, someone at my door. Drumming a staccato. Echoing my pulse.

A determined killer? An angry neighbour? Someone demanded attention.

Curiosity won the battle. I turned the handle.

Looking like a pin in a loaf,she was in an over-sized trench coat.

Her heels were red. Blood red. As were her lips.

I could almost picture crimson drip…

She stared at me. And grinned.

“I’ve got nothing underneath”, she beamed.

“This is insane. I only just met you yesterday”, I stammered.

“And you get to eat me today, she replied.”

I thought she meant “rare”. That was an experience I was yet to dare.

She walked through me. Almost did. I jumped back, foolishly and belatedly inviting her in.

“Any Cabernet? I remember you love it…”

“I might have a bottle. Or two. Shall I bring it or will you come through?”

“Pop it. Pour it. Intoxicate me. So you don’t think I’m easy.”

I brought the poison. Left the glasses.

“Shall we drink in the nude?”, she asked.

With desire seeping out my pores, I bent to pull down my draws.

She smashed the bottle on my head, didn’t fuck me but robbed me instead.


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