take my hand

Helen: No way

P: You’ll love it…trust me!
H: Nothing sexual?

P: There’s more to life than Kama Sutra…

H: Oya na…my hand is in yours

P: Picture the sea…
Picture the shore…
Shells blemishing the smooth landscape…
Picture the waves lapping our feet…

H: Beautiful view

P: Picture my heart…picture it beat
can u feel the drums
As they echo out my chest

H: Yes

P: Picture me holding you…
picture my arms around you…

P: Picture me tickling you…

H: Giggling

P: You run…I chase…our laughter a serenade
Picture me catching you…
Picture us on the sand…side by side

H: (grins)

P: our legs intertwined…
I can hear you…
I can hear you sing…

H: (laughs)

P: Picture me placing my head on ur belly…soft and round…picture me listening to our child…

H: (smiles)

P: Picture me…picture you…
picture us listening to the sea

Out there…under the blue
Next to the green
Hand in hand…

H: Beautiful

P: Picture us making our own rainbow

H: (smiles) you’re good

P: maybe that’s how you make me feel


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