Sexual Healing

She walked in, all sweaty and tired…

a long working day at the hospital

and a tolling journey to the suburbs

I need a bath – she said

You know where the shower is – said I

She took off her dress right there…

whether to tease or in disregard, I care not…

views of her unclad body

always gives me pause for thought

as she walked  away

she reached behind her and unhooked her bra

I’m certain I heard a sigh of relief…


truly one of life’s greatest luxuries

Before long I heard the water

Before long I went in after her

I was silent as a thief

Her back was to me

Her bum, wet and sleek

I slid my arms around her waist

kissed her nape

My stiffened member fell into place

She giggled and said

“Hello Stranger”

“Room Service” – said I

We kissed, tenderly

I washed her back and her breasts

She soaped my cock

and then she stroked it

Polishing it

as she would a sculpture

Water trickled down my face

as I bit into each nipple

We kissed


I turned her around

Held her close

And touched her

I put my fingers in…

And out again

She wanted more

She wanted me

Her hands were on the wall

She turned her face my way

Take me now – she said

I will – said I

I slipped into her



bliss engulfed me

I’m certain I heard her moan

She pushed back

I pushed in

I held her waist

I touched her breasts

I grabbed her hair

I found her clit

She called my name…



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