Back to School

Where do I start…


The 1st day of the Cambridge CELTA course was all I expected and much more. It was a deeply stimulating experience, not to mention the defribillation my brain cells received. Tomorrow morning I am going to be the first candidate to conduct a lesson 😀 Picture this – 13 students, 6 course mates and 1 tutor…and everyone’s eyes will be on me, counting my mistakes and checking to see if my fly is open. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Alors…most of my classmates are people in their 40’s – 50’s. The others are a lady in her 20’s, D., (Romanian…married to a Pole) and a Varsovian called Michal. They all seem to be nice people, especially Daniela (who absolutely has a sway) and Warren (American guy).

After classes I decided to go search for a gym (after all one must stick to New Year resolutions), and discovered one that has an indoor pool and a fitness hall where women in tights…eh, you know.


Talmabout motivation!

The best part of my Krakow adventure is how a friend, Aleksandra, helped convince a friend of hers based in KRK to let me bunk at his place 😀 Like Natalia said, “fajnych masz friends”.

P.S. Strange as this may sound, I do miss you. Yes, you.


One thought on “Back to School”

  1. I’m so glad you’re having a good time so far! When I did my program there I was also first to present. They just throw you right into the teaching; it’s challenging, but it’s such a great experience! Keep us updated!


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