I have just finished my final assignment (4/4), and in a moment I will begin finalizing lesson plan for tomorrow’s lesson (8/8). Afterwards I’m going dancing and drinking. CELTA has been an adventure – you won’t believe how much studying has been done these last 4 weeks. Definitely more than most exam sessions while studying Psychology at UW.



I took some time off from the books last weekend and went to a museum with the Ukrainian Porcelain and her childhood friend (probably her husband in secret, the best ones are always taken). We went to the Czatoryjski Museum to see an exhibition (Ancient Egypt, Greece, Cyprus).

Picture all the devices we buy nowadays, the designer clothes…how durable are they? How long before we need to buy another one? There were 2,500 year-old artifacts in this exhibition which still looked as good as new.



Of course the Mummies would need a lot more than Photoshop to look sexy again…


On Sunday Lena, her (B)F and I went to a sports center. A few hours of squash, silownia and sauna to keep the blood flowing. Turns out squash is not as easy as it looks on TV (I strained a muscle in my hand…or was it a ligament? It sha hurts…).

K and O came over this weekend and there was another house party at Drukarska. Naturellement, there was a beer pong tournament, singing and dancing. Well a couple of us danced while the others drank – this is Poland after all. The best part of the evening was when the ladies kept using their cleavage to distract guys…


Krakowian girls are prettier…and I still don’t understand how M can be single: warm, friendly, pretty, HOT bod, has her own car and loves baking. What more do KRK boys need!?

P.S. There’s this lady who keeps giving me the eye. She was at the school today looking totes edible in apple-bottomed jeans. I asked her to come to the Pub Quiz thingie on Thursday…and she said “I’m attending a concert on Thursday, but I’ll try to come by afterwards…with my husband”. -_-



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