I felt the beats
from a mile away

as I stepped in the club
I smelled the heat

dozens of bodies
mingling in shadows

sweetened poisons

flowing from glass to tonsils
foreign tongues wagging tandem

London nightlife
one reminisced

there she was
on the stage

sticking out in the crowd
like a nun at the Coco Bongo
Obama raving at Ibiza

I took bold steps
a soldier going into battle

I catch her eye
then I grab her waist

gradually, intensely
we start to gyrate

lost in the rhythm
we made chemistry

where my skin ended
hers began

her sweat became mine
heartbeats rhymed orgasmically

oh! the passion
raw sexuality of higher animals

Dancehall made us gods

she took me there

twisting, swaying,
popping, dropping,

she took me there

to that place
where climaxes reign

and then
some fool screamed



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