All a Lesbian needs is a Man

Many years ago, I fell in love with a bisexual girl.


If you were to listen to today’s young women with desires/experiences of girl-on-girl physical contact, you would be forgiven for thinking “what’s the big deal, every girl is a bit bisexual…”.

I beg to differ. IMHO society’s “equality in sexuality” has made it easier for females to experiment without reprisal. Finally more and more communities have stopped seeing homosexuality as evil, an illness, a crime. Not all societies though, not yet.

The sole issue which still vexes me is that the average female, who shares juicy details of how she kissed/fondled her female bestie, would most likely react negatively were she to discover that her male partner has also had homosexual adventures in his past. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Why is female homosexuality so widely accepted and portrayed as pleasant, desirable and erotic…while male homosexuality is frowned upon and labelled derogatorily? By both genders. After all, gay is gay is gay.


Years ago I fell in love with a girl who turned out to be a TRUE bisexual. I loved her so much, I bought a ring, went down on a knee and asked her to marry me. I remember it all as if it were yesterday. I was so nervous I had my mutant butterflies running riot inside me…nervous enough to ask myself what I would do if she said NO, in front of all these people…nervous and naive enough to believe in a happy ending.

Back then when she told me she was Bi, I remember telling myself – just like many before me and since then – that all she needs is some good ol’ Giacomo Casanova master-level romance and erotic role play with my big heart, my well-developed brain, and my impressive cock in the lead roles. With all that in abundance, why would she still want a woman…#ChallengeAccepted.


You have to admit this train of thought comes quite easy with bisexuals, in comparison with “full blown lesbian”. Bisexuals at least get to eat the ice cream AND the wafer, simultaneously or one after the other – so they know how sweet the banana is, right? However, pray tell Loyal Reader, why do so many believe a lesbian can easily be seduced to the good side of the Force by a good pounding with a black mamba (or one of those yellow pythons if you’re into Caucasians or Orientals)?

Seeing as women so often have gay guys as friends, do you ladies often tell yourselves that all they (gay men) need is great sex with you? Do you tell yourselves your warm embrace and tender touches are a better deal than another man’s stubble? Do you often dream of upgrading your gay buddies to lover&friend status?

Of course I failed at making my Ex-Fiancée forget all about the pleasures of being with a woman. Most probably I’m not/wasn’t good enough in bed or the ideal boyfriend/Fiancé material…or both.

Win some, lose some.




One thought on “All a Lesbian needs is a Man”

  1. I think it’s because girls are a bit messed up, indecisive, confused, but to think about a guy trying something with another guy ‘just to try it’, seems like something he wouldn’t do unless he had a desire to do so .. Not sure if you’d get my point.

    But you definitely made your point, well said!!


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