Breda Expats

I had a great evening yesterday at the InterNations meeting. I’d describe IN as a type of CouchSurfing for expats, and not tourists or travellers like with CS. In addition people don’t necessarily invite you to sleep on their sofas (it’s quite possible that such invitations are forthcoming).

“You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down” ― Charles Chaplin 

However, full access to the website/community costs 4 – 6 euros monthly, so it’s obvious why it doesn’t seem as globally renowned as CS…or maybe I’m yet to discover its immenseness.

What could go wrong when a group of beautiful, interesting people share amazing stories over wine and snacks? Nothing.

It was quite reassuring to get some insight into the Netherlands paperwork process from other expats, and I have to say the romantic tales of the genesis of interracial & multicultural relationships – the Jap-Polish couple, the Love Boat, the Persian and the Photographer –  were quite moving. Now one can keep dreaming that happiness in Breda is a definite 5 photo 3 photo 4 photo 2 photo 1


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