Sunny Beach

Traveling with a baby is an adventure that cannot be fully understood nor imagined until you experience it. Although thousands of blogs and articles may provide you with advice, tips, and strategies, all your plans and the success of the trip are chiefly determined by the wellbeing of your child/ren.

A holiday with a baby is just as similar as traveling with a small child as it is different. Obviously the main factor is that your offspring is dependent on you 100% of the time. Even when your baby is sleeping, you need to be observant, present, watchful, careful, everything-ful. It’s quite common to hear parents say they need a holiday to rest after their holiday with a baby.

We’ve just returned from a seaside holiday with Zoë. This being our 3rd Wedlejt-Ogunleye international trip  (Cities visited as a family: Wroclaw, Bologna, Florence, Venice, Paris, Krakow, Sunny Beach, & Nessebar) it’s safe to say we are now experts at this thing.

That being said, Bulgaria is a great place to spend your holiday if you’ve got kids, and you’ve got a budget. There was no crowd in early July (lots of space on the beach), the water is quite clear and warm (although there were a few jellyfish), and there was a variety of eateries at affordable prices (in comparison with Warsaw standards). We stayed in Hotel Lion at Sunny Beach: a nice 3-star hotel with 2 pools (unheated) and “OK” meals. I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t need to be right next to the beach (wouldn’t have minded that) nor right in the middle of the party zone (thank God).

Tips for your summer holiday

  • Always research your holiday and destination options before you make your choice. Regardless of how the tourist agency markets the package, look for info from various sources and make sure it suits YOUR needs.
  •  When travelling with a baby, leave as many things as possible in your checked baggage. The less time you spend showing your the cosmetics and electronics in your hand luggage to airport security, the time (and hands) you’ve got to keep your baby calm.
  • Ensure your baby stroller is as light and portable as possible.
  • Buy a baby pool and a baby beach tent (YCTML).
  • Always prepare a bottle of formula/baby food/water/juice for your baby before you leave for the airport (every time your child finishes a bottle, prepare another. Babies don’t understand the word “WAIT!”)
  • Don’t panic when the baby starts crying at the airport or on the plane. People be bitches and they’ll give you the side eye. One foolish ugly pimple-ridden girl even asked the flight attendant if she could do something about the crying baby. Just do your best to calm the baby and survive the ordeal. Remember they can’t throw you off the plane for having a crying baby.
  • Have fun ^_^

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