For most (single) male expats or tourists who travel to Poland, the juiciest piece of information sought at the start is “Where the girls at!? ^_^”

Every nationality has its own watering holes. Italians in their hundreds go to specific clubs in the city seeking Polki who have a deeply ingrained fascination for those brown eyes and dark hair.

Girls who prefer Spaniards know where to find them, and any girl who loves Arabs knows exactly where to hunt.

Although Black men arent so numerous in Warsaw, there are a also couple of clubs where all the #snowbunnies hang out. Some only want a taste of the stereotypical BBC. I’ve been told some Polish women have a desire to have mixed babies, the sperm donor to be discarded like used tissue paper when he’s proven his usefulness.

Which brings me to the issue at hand. Last week I saw a couple of posts on FB from Black women stating their disapproval, in one case – hate, of interracial relationships. One lady claimed not to be a racist but emphasized that she would never accept the existence of genuine mutual and unselfish love between a Black man and a White woman.

The comments (and the comments are always the best part of anything one finds on the Internet nowadays) were an assortment of comedic, vile and ignorant opinions ranging from “Black men only engage themselves in these affairs for the sake of acquiring citizenship ‘papers'” to “Black men chase White women with curves just because they want to tap that ass, at the same time making Balck women feel inferior by saying they are too phat, too thick”.

Someone claimed his uncles foolishly jumped on the bandwagon of marrying White women in the 70’s and, upon getting older and wiser, are now using their wisdom to seek better women, Black women (read ‘more acceptable by the family’) as mistresses back in the Motherland.

One comment touched me, right before I could read no more. Although it might have been a fictional anecdote, I know this scenario occurs in various forms in diffferent societies the world over. Unfortunately, I have had firsthand experience in this matter (with an Ex).

The lady wrote that she had a friend who married a White man. Whenever marital difficulties surfaced, as they are prone to do, the husband resorted to flinging vulgar and wounding racial slurs at his wife. I’ll spare you the details. Think Kunta Kinte. Think 12 Years A Slave.

To be continued…



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