Solar Weekend Festival!

Yesterday I was in paradise. Musical paradise. With angels all around me, and heavenly vibes bombarding my soul from all angles. No other words suffice to describe the beauty of the Solar Weekend Festival.

Initially I had thought it would be a day spent with techno and electro-house artistes, and the music on offer would be a whole world different from the soul food at Kwaku Festival.
I was wrong. Very wrong.
I received a life-changing musical education yesterday. Although I have always had much respect and admiration for Dutch DJs, I never thought I would ever spend so many hours at the best party of my life dancing my heart out at a Dutch festival.
Another worrying factor was the fact that the only other music festival I had heard about was Woodstock, and the brouhaha from my friends who are regular festival-goers never won me over.
Wrong again! Now I know everyone ought to attend at least one musical festival before they die. I’ve been lucky enough to attend 2 in a week. Do you now understand why I regret not moving to the Netherlands years ago?
The scenes at Solar! were simply out-of-this-world; this year’s theme was “Fantasy World” and I kept wishing I had more eyes…
See for yourself!

DSCN1100 DSCN1102 DSCN1105 DSCN1106 DSCN1107 DSCN1108 DSCN1109 DSCN1110 DSCN1111 DSCN1112  DSCN1114 DSCN1115 DSCN1116  DSCN1119  DSCN1121 DSCN1123 DSCN1124 DSCN1125 DSCN1126 DSCN1127 DSCN1128 DSCN1129 DSCN1130 DSCN1134 DSCN1136 DSCN1141 DSCN1143 DSCN1146 DSCN1149 DSCN1150 DSCN1151 DSCN1152 DSCN1153 DSCN1154 DSCN1156 DSCN1157 DSCN1160 DSCN1161 DSCN1162 DSCN1164 DSCN1165 DSCN1166 DSCN1167 DSCN1169 DSCN1170 DSCN1171 DSCN1172 DSCN1173 DSCN1174  DSCN1176 DSCN1177 DSCN1178 DSCN1179 DSCN1180 DSCN1182 DSCN1183 DSCN1184 DSCN1185 DSCN1187 DSCN1188 DSCN1189 DSCN1190 DSCN1191 DSCN1192 DSCN1193 DSCN1195 DSCN1196 DSCN1200 DSCN1203 DSCN1204 DSCN1205 DSCN1206 DSCN1207 DSCN1208 DSCN1209 DSCN1210 DSCN1212 DSCN1213 DSCN1214 DSCN1215 DSCN1216 DSCN1218 DSCN1219 DSCN1220 DSCN1223 DSCN1224 DSCN1225 DSCN1227 DSCN1228 DSCN1229 DSCN1232 DSCN1233 DSCN1234 DSCN1236 DSCN1239 DSCN1240 DSCN1246 DSCN1247 DSCN1248 DSCN1251 DSCN1252 DSCN1253 DSCN1254 DSCN1255 DSCN1256 DSCN1260 DSCN1261 DSCN1101


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