A letter to Zoë Temilola

Blood of My Blood,

It’s midnight on Wednesday 25th February, and your mum’s asleep (again). Even before she told me you’d booked your flight from Heaven, I had noticed she’d been spending a lot of time in bed with her eyes closed. I figured it was either work or my wahala that made her tired, little did I know…


OK I need to ask – while your mum and I were hugging an hour ago, I’m quite certain I felt a kick (your mum says it’s too early for that, but I know my Blood). Oi better behave! European baby or not, I’ll flog you till your cappuccino will change to tapioca. Did you think that was going to dissuade us from ere Ife? Nothing is stopping this LOVE BOAT ^_^


Your mum informed me yesterday that she’s planned our 1st video conference with you for March 10th. We’ll need an app called USG (I’ve seen ads and I can’t believe such an archaic tool is still in existence; what’s with the black & white pictures?)

Anyways beggars aren’t choosers. Although I would love to already have you in my arms, taking a long look at your tiny head, arms, legs, etc will have to do. It’s impossible to explain my feelings or thoughts.  I’m scared and joyful at the same time (surprisingly it’s possible to simultaneously experience these two feelings).

I hope I get to write to you again…soon.

I love you (and I haven’t even met you yet!)

Balanced Diet, March 1st


Just like magic, your mum’s tummy popped out last week. A bit early for such symptoms, but a little research has informed us that it’s either because #1 the body has begun storing water or/and #2 there’s more than one angel on their way down. We should know by the 10th…

On Friday, your mum and I met with two of your “future aunties” for drinks (I hope you enjoyed the tea bath that night; I was quite impressed that she managed to finish the bucket-sized mug). Everyone is looking forward to spoiling you silly which is quite reassuring – your mum and I will have more time for romantic trips abroad.

Grandma went to the pharmacy to get you vitamins, but for some reason 1st trimester vitamins are currently very hard to come by. Seems there’s going to be a baby boom by the end of the year.  I hope you won’t mind wearing the same clothes all year 😛

Friday before 1st USG and tests

I’m a bunch of nerves.

Stress. Fear. Anxiety. Helplessness.

What am I supposed to do about? How do I cope with this feeling?

It’s just come to me, as obvious as it is, that there’s no sense worrying about issues I can’t do anything about.

4 days to go…


Bean-shaped Gem

I saw you today.

On a screen at the doctor’s, pulsing in the rhythm of Samba, I saw you…

I couldn’t take my eyes of you. I almost forgot to breathe.

I saw you and I felt such immense love…as well as a tiny bit of fear.

You are going to be loved.



Hale and Hearty

We’ve finally gotten your mum’s test results, and all is fine & dandy. I guess it’s high time we shared the news with the world…and downloaded a couple of pregnancy apps ^_^

32 weeks to go…

and 4 weeks till we find out if we’re going to be shopping for little black baby-dresses or baby ties. One thing is for certain – regardless of your sex, you’re going to be a fashion icon to all other babies.

Guess what I spend a few minutes of my day doing? Checking out names. This is my shortlist after a month: Adela, Aida, Amia, Azura, Benoit, Chanelle, Claire, Clementine, Dariel, Dior,  Aisha, Zarhra, Barak, Akira, Antoine, Bertrand, Didier, Aziza, Nerea, Hasani, Azura, Thierry, Denise, Abeke, Adia, Dion, Assana…

P.S. Pregnancy is doing wonderful things to your mum’s body, I swear down.



P.S. 2 – In case you’ve been wondering about the recent cocoa-waterfalls…   image2

The Magic that is your mother’s baby curves – 7th week



Love in Amsterdam

Your mum and I are going on our first joint trip next week. 

Amsterdam is the definition, and one major item on our itinerary is to put a lock on a Love Bridge. 



I’m also planning a couple of surprises for your mum which will most certainly have relinquish any parts of her heart she’s yet to hand over ^_^ 

Hope you’re alright in there. Looking forward to meeting you…


 What do you think of the names Aaliyah, Dior, Morenike



Saturday, the 28th of March…

I finally got down on bended knee and asked your mum to marry me last night.

I tricked her into opening a box containing “Easter presents”, and when the crystals were unleashed on the world I popped the question.

She said YES OF COURSE!, and then we kissed.

Afterwards, we realized your mum has got smaller fingers than Swarovski envisaged – LOL.



Next week is going to be a busy week; we’re going to the embassy on Tuesday to find out what’s needed to set up a wedding, and on Friday our flight leaves for the Netherlands.

Oh BTW, I met your aunt Maria and aunt Zuzia’s BF – Michael – this weekend. You’re going to have an amazing set of crazy relatives, and that’s just the Oyinbo side; I’m sure you’re looking forward to meeting the Nigerians. Even your great grandad joined the party, and after listening to him ask repeatedly about weddings and marriages in his eccentric manner, I realized the ring couldn’t wait any longer.

Can you feel all the endorphins pummeling your little body? That’s your mother’s happiness levels going through the roof.

Love is why we’re here.

9th week…20150326_225421

Easter 2015

Mummy and I went to Amsterdam for the holidays. We stayed with a Dutch family, and got to put our feet up for a bit before the wedding plans come into action.

Although we were fortunate enough to get to see the International Pillow Fight Day, we didn’t get to attend Kwaku Festival. That, my love, is one of the two festivals (including the Nottinghill Carnival) in Europe that we’re going to do when you’re old enough to #shakeitoff (I hope you get your dancing genes from your dad, cos there aren’t many dancers in your mum’s family).




Week 24…

It’s been a while since I wrote to you my love, but spring 2015 was a very busy period for your mother and I. A million things to sort out, visits to doctors to check up on your growth and well-being, a wedding to organise…it’s been fun and tough.

Now #summerishere and I’ve got a few extra moments of free time to write love notes to my loved one ^_^

We had a major scare this week! -_- We had 2 ultrasounds and both times the doctors couldn’t see your tummy! My Moon And Stars without a tummy…

The scare factor was major. In a half hour I had googled all the possibilities and was close to tears. Yes, sweetie…your daddy was ready to bawl. The thought of you coming into this world to suffer were to painful to bear.

Of course, mummy was already in tears. I cannot claim to comprehend the emotional and physical stress pregnancy puts on a woman, nor could I ever know what it feels like to hear the little human growing inside of you is suffering and will live a life filled with physical deficiencies.

We did a third scan…

…and BOOM! your teeny weeny tummy was right there 🙂

20150704_140725 20150704_141028

Week 24

I’ll tell you all about the wedding tomorrow…



Saturday 18th July

Well, so much for keeping you updated about all the events and adventures happening on this side of the wall. Since we got back Paris we’ve been busy with renovating the flat and there has been very little time for writing.

We hope you’ll love the new look (not like you’d have anything to compare it with) – white, brown, and blue are the colours we’ve chosen, and everything is going to colour-match with your Moses basket (daddy and mommy think of everything ^_^).

Sometime in the future, we’re going to have to build you a room, but that’s a story for another day.

We’ve also been putting together “your” furniture and doing some shopping. You’re still in your mommy’s tummy and you already have more clothes than daddy (so unfair). You need to remember though that the most important outfits you’ve got are the Man United and PSG onesies and jerseys. 😀

P.S. I need to remember to tell you all about the wedding

Monday July 20th

Big and Beautiful
Big and Beautiful

Monday, July the 27th

I accompanied your mum to the fitness centre today for a yoga class. Long story short, my body is going to be in a lot of pain tomorrow. 

Who would have thought yoga positions were so strenuous…

It was fun though, and the plan is to make it a weekly activity – so mummy stays fit while tugging that big belly around. I believe it also helps with labour and getting back in shape afterwards.

P.S. Really looking forward to reading you fairy tales… ^_^
Thursday, August 13

Sorry about the screaming last night, sweetheart. ‘Zelda attacked Marian (there’s a lot of enmity between those two creatures and we don’t know why) and your mum tried using a chair to fend the dog off the cat… Too many animals in this house. 

Now your mum is worried that the dog might attack you out of jealousy. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’d just had the similar thoughts 😥 

Eh… I’m sure she’ll love just as much as she does me. 

P.S. Mummy in week 30. It’s been a glorious summer.



Week 36

– Rudy the orange cat (most probably) got in a fight with another ca, the wound got infected, and the vet had cut off a quarter of his face…

– Zelda finally had a bath and now her fur is silky smooth, soft, and squeaky clean…

– Hint for the future: whenever you need new cloths or toys, take your mum to TK Maxx. She’s the definition of a shopaholic. Lucky you though, cos it means you’ll be getting loads of stuff on the regular…

– Speakimg of which, your mum is now so large that I see only her tummy when I’m walking towards her. Zoë dear, if you were 2.3kg in week 33, what will you weigh by the time we get to week 38? All is well as long as you’re healthy, Khaleesi…

P.S. Your birthday needs to be on the 11th of October, you hear!? Your mother and I are both tired of this waiting game, and I’d really like my slim sugar back. Besides, Libra is a better Zodiac sign than Scorpio, innit?
September 25th

Mummy has been crying a lot this week. She’s gained 13kgs, doesn’t fit in her chic clothes anymore, and she thinks she’s unattractive. I keep reminding her that she looks gorgeous (unlike most other pregnant women we’ve seen around town). 

In 2-3 weeks we’ll finally get to meet you. Strangely (or fortunately) I’m not anxious or worried. I’ll definitely need to keep a calm head when the action starts. Promise me you’ll arrive at night or in the morning…

P.S. Your doggy sister can’t wait to see you ^_^

4th October, week 38

Your mum has gone into her Ultimate Nesting phase. 

The flat is being cleaned – ceiling to floor; Toys have been arrange; photo and video apps have been prepped. 

Sweetie, we’re all hoping you come out of the oven next weekend. The wait has become boring (for me) and tiring (for your mum). 

Listen to your father!

P.S. Can’t wait to start reading to you ^_^



3 thoughts on “A letter to Zoë Temilola”

  1. I am excited about my first half-oyinbo grand-child. The good Lord shall take care of you and your mum while you are still in the womb and when you shall be delivered safely with every part of you formed perfectly in Jesus name. You shall know God, serve God and love God. You shall be a blessing to the world. Love you Ayooluwa Ifeoluwa Angel. From Grandma


  2. Oh my goodness.
    1. I hate to say this but your mum’s comment is the cutest part of the entire post.
    2. Thank you for sharing Angel with me. I’m just crazy about babies. Hold yours tight, realllyyyyy tight. Lol. Not yet, of course.
    3. Find me an oyibo bae already. I need to have gorgeous babies. Please. Thank you.


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