Montjuïc Castle

Took forever to get the top of the mountain.

Fortunately I had company; Greta, from CouchSurfing, made sure I didn’t give up and turn around

Totally worth it.

The view of the city is just as wonderful as the many delights one comes across while getting lost in its narrow streets.

Although, I don’t think I’ll ever walk up a mountain again.

Beaches and bikinis are enough to keep a smile on my face till my sun sets.

Next trip to Spain is going to be a summer one.

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Gaudí this, Gaudí that…Gaudí really ain’t all that

Alright, that was a bad joke.

Gaudí was a genius who has earned the lavish praise that has been constantly heaped on his art over the years.


However, there’s a lot more to Barcelona than Gaudi’s art; a fact that most of the people I asked about this city failed to mention. And I have to say Park Güell is extremely overrated.

Someone built a wall around some woods in the hill and told an artist (who was most definitely on acid) to make the place ghen ghen. Abeg!

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Parc de la Ciutadella

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Marina Port Vell

Wednesday morning I went to the port to hang out with my billionaire friend on his billion-dollar boat.

Unfortunately I didn’t know which was his (who would have thought there’d be so many yachts on the coast of Barcelona? after all it’s not Lagos!), so I had to stick to taking selfies (not getting better at that ish at all at all).

If this is how pleasant winter in Barcelona gets, one definitely has to return for summer. I’ve heard women sunbathe topless over here.

OMG Warsaw is so boring. Do you know what one has to do to see boobs for free in that city!?
Marina7 Marina6 Marina5 Marina4 Marina3 Marina2 Marina1

Barcelona is filled with Igbo prostitutes…and palm tress

20 Euros.


That’s how much sex with an Igbo babe costs in Barcelona.

After all the hype about La Rambla, I was disappointed to find out the only attraction on offer (i.e. in winter, at night) are cheap hos, working hard to become pros.

By now I’m certain you all know I’m as liberal as they come. I’m totally for girls using their talents/skills/orifices to acquire sugar daddies, aristos, magas, clients, or baby daddies. Not everyone is destined to find true love the old-fashioned way (wait, what’s the old-fashioned way of finding these tinz?) and not everyone is made out for this 9-5 wahala.

BUT! Those girls who were blasting thick Igbo on the streets of Barcelona last night were most definitely flown in on a ruse and are now sex slaves. As such, not all the money gotten from the pussy pounding goes to the pussy owner.

Who’s going to stand up for the rights of Nigerian prostitutes in Europe!? Who?

Anyways, besides La Boqueria food market there was really nothing ghen ghen happening on that boulevard.

The palm trees, though…nostalgia and all that. The fam and I in the 90’s on Lekki/Alpha/Bar Beach. Picnics and stuff.

AjeButter ni gbogbo wa.

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Thrifty Traveller

After watching a couple of Barcelona games last week, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m the exact opposite of a Barça fan. If you spend 90 minutes praying for Messi to get a yellow card, it’s pretty obvious you shouldn’t spend 23euros on a tour of Camp Nou.

I don’t need a reminder of that CL final.


Of course I’ll visit the Bernabeu when I go to Madrid. In Barcelona though, I’ll stick to people watching and tapas munching.

Just got a tip on CS that Park Guell monumental area is free before 8am. This is one of the main advantages of that community – great travel tips from locals and fellow travellers.


When I got my ticket to BCN, I was afraid that my late arrival meant one day of my trip would be wasted. I forgot the Spaniards don’t start rocking the evening till around 10pm. I think I’ll get to my hostel just in time for lunch or siesta. My current dilemma is what to do with the rest of Tuesday night.




9 days till my trip to Barcelona, Spain.

I had spent weeks researching the sights of the city before I decided last night that I’m not going to waste my time in queues with hundreds tourists to get into and take pictures of Gaudi’s buildings or parks.
Wait in line for 2 hours to PAY to enter a building site, albeit a beautiful church? Or to enter a park? No, thanks.

As much as I love Paris, the only reason I got to see the interior of Notre Dame was the free entrance. I’m too poor and too cool to desire joining hundreds of tourists on a queue to a church to stare at the walls.

I won’t rule it out though. I definitely have to return to both Barcelona and Paris with a lover, and then waiting in line would be feasible.

Especially for a visit to the Eiffel Tower.

I still intend to propose in Paris, so naturally she needs to be present.

First of all, one needs to find a wifey.
One place I know definitely deserves a visit is Camp Nou

Shamefully, I have to admit, I am yet to do a tour of the Old Trafford Museum Strangely.

Summer plans…


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