Bonne Année et Bonne Santé

This is the last entry to my Paris page…i.e. until my next trip to that magical city.

I had the time of my life, and met some very cool people who helped make my Christmas and New Year celebrations unforgettable.

Christmas party and dîner with Franceline and her family, and New Year’s Eve with Stéphanie and her friends were 3 unexpected events that filled my trip with lots of drinks & food, dancing, and bonhomie. When I bought the plane tickets, it never occurred to me that strangers would invite me into their homes and show me that French hospitality I never knew about.

I’ve always been a Francophile, and now I’m completely addicted. It will take a long time to stop missing Paris…

It was also an eye-opening fun time with my host, Nathalie. Always feared Naija girls were too crazy for me, and it was great to be proven right. Keep on being/doing you, babe. YOLO vs SWAG, et al.

Beg pardon, pictures were taken with my useless phone after a few White Russians and Rum&Cokes.

Merci Seigneur.

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L’Art Moderne

Have you ever been to a museum filled with exhibits which make you feel unintelligent?

That awkward moment when everyone around you (no Nigerians were present) is in analytical discussions on the tone, texture, and movement of the artwork…while you keep asking yourself if the artist was bloody high when they used a sieve to sprinkle ink on canvas. o_O

I reckon museums of modern art are simply an excuse for both the bourgeoisie and art students to remind themselves how they (and their tastes) differ from the rest of humanity. Why else would there be an exhibition of towels and tablecloths in a Parisian museum? Or shelves of used clothes? o_O

What I love most about art is how the female body is depicted. The yansh (booty/dupa) is always well-rounded, and the hips are always weapons 😀

This is why Kim and Nicki put all that money and effort into breaking the Internet 😛

art10 art9 art8 art6 art4 art3 art1 ET3 ET2

Je te remercie, cher Seigneur

Je suis allé à la messe hier…Christmas Mass in Notre Dame of Paris.

Why do I attend church only at Easter and Christmas? Why do I pray only at moments of highs or lows?

As a Christian, a believer, doesn’t the Lord deserve my Sundays in July? Shouldn’t one also be thankful for breakfast and dawn?

As I sat in the pew, I suddenly realised how much I had to be grateful for.

I got on my knees, and thanked Him for the life of my late dad and for the blessings He sprinkles on my family.

I expressed gratitude for the lessons He’s allowed me learn this year, and the roads that are yet to be trodden.

I asked for forgiveness for my weaknesses, my sins.

I pleaded for guidance in my quest for self-development and love.

What makes Christmas so special amongst all other holidays is its proximity to the last day of the year.

A time to celebrate and a time to reminisce.

A time for closure, and to turn over a new leaf.

A time for love, hope, and faith.



Joyeux Noël

Fran2Des escargots, des crevettes, le fromage, le vin, dodo, lots and lots of meat…a Christmas Feast of Champions! No one does celebration like Africans.

These last 2 days have been indescribably amazing.

I celebrated Réveillon with a new friend’s Parisian-Ivoirien family, and it was the best Christmas I have had since I came to Europe. Everyone was warm and friendly; the food was abundant; the music was African and the dancing went on till 6am on the 25th. AND we spoke French all night! (at least I tried my best)


Some hours later we went to visit the other part of her family and sat down to a Noël feast. No dancing this time around, but everything on the table was magical.

Once again, someone from CouchSurfing has brought colours and joy into my life.

Franceline, your place in my heart is totes fixed and sealed.


Fran7 Fran6 Fran5 Audre1Tomorrow I’m going to visit Notre Dame and les Catacombes (finally).

Paris, je t’aime.


On the 2nd Day of Christmas…

Joyeux Noël tout le monde!

Day 2 in Paris, and I know I’m blessed.

So many have left us this year. Lots of them were young, too young…

Everything I do, eat, drink, see, and read is a reminder of how delicate and temporary life is.

I cycled around Paris today, and I must say this is the only way tourists should travel around the city. Although the Metro is a pretty effective and quick of way of getting around town, you don’t get to see much from these underground carriages (Trocadero was pretty scary though. No lanes. No lights. A roundabout with hundreds of cars moving at the same time).

When I move to Paris, my first purchase will be a scooter.

Riding a bike on the streets of Paris is a safe as in any city on Earth. Cars slow down for you; drivers never honk; and there are bike paths on many roads. However, my legs can only handle so much work.

While Balzac’s house was an inspiration to the writer in me, the Chinese House had nothing to offer.

This Christmas, carousels have been placed all over the city of Paris. FREE for everyone! I stood there taking photos and pictured bringing my future kids to Paris for Noël…

One day.

French-Congolese Christmas Eve coming up.

I hope your Christmas celebration is filled with love, happiness, and laughter.


P.S. Doesn’t Balzac’s mother (in the painting) look like Scarlett Johansson?
Eve2 Eve3 Eve6 Eve7 Eve99 Eve536 Eve8698 Eve08 Eve713

On the 1st Day of Christmas…

Paris est tros magnifique. 

First of all…


The children of Paris are cherubs. C’est tout.

Vanilla scones. Caramel bites. Curry balls. Chocolate drops.

As politically incorrect as that may sound, there’s no better way to describe the multicultural blend on the streets of Paris. 

Thousands of mixed couples (hetero/homo) holding hands, kissing…and  making yours sincerely green with envy.

Every single face glowing behind a smile. 

Mais bien sûr, why would anyone be unhappy in Paris. 

Everywhere you turn, you find something to blow your mind.

Everywhere you go, something steals your heart.

God willing…

One way or another, I will get married in Paris.

I walked down Champs-Élysées tonight. 


That is one bloody long avenue. 

The sights. The lights. The night crowd. 

Totally worth it.

Tomorrow, a visit to a museum and a rendezvous with my (potential model) CS French friend.

Wish you were here. 

Yes you.

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Noël à Paris

La nuit avant…


Boarding pass.



New BlackBerry battery.

Durex Ridged.



Velib Bike pass.

Medication (Lots of it)

Have I forgotten anything? Most probably…

Packing for trips will never become a favourite pastime. I spend too much time wondering what to take and how to fit it all in; and then I end up leaving something behind.

I wish I were rich enough to travel with only a credit card in my pocket.

My next adventure – 10 days in Paris…

My host – Ms Wemambu…

My itinerary – see image


I should also hang out with some CouchSurfing folk (especially the Congolese Beauty who’s agreed to model for me).

All in all, one hopes it’s going to be an unforgettable Christmas.

Watch this space for photos and daily gist.

À bientôt.


Mid-November 2014

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Good news it is.

I’ve just bought tickets to Paris for Christmas – New Year’s Eve. I’m so exhilarated that I find it hard falling asleep. I’ve already begun having French dreams. Now all I have to do is find myself a host or two…or save up for hotel/hostel fees.

Now the bad news.

Once again I’m travelling to Paris alone.




Luke Skywalker with a lot of vaseline and no Leia.

This was not how I dreamt of Paris as a child.

I was meant to propose to my soul mate on a balcony overlooking the Tower or the Mountain.

This is not good.

Alors, il est temps de réviser mon français.

Si on ne peut pas tomber amoureux à Paris, on est condamné.


July 2013



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