Random Encounters

A simple beginning

Like all Slavic stories

It started with Vodka

Just one Shot, really


All black everything

But her Soul and her Skin

Her hair smelled of Menthols

Her dress, of Sin


All Winter and a little bit of Spring

with Ropes and Hope

we played Games of Shades

off and on like a faulty Phone


One day, she said to me

I hate you and I love you

equally. Goodbye

I will no longer be your fool.



Don’t you remember how I watched you sleep?

How your night murmurs used to amuse me?

Dear Friend, we were as one

We made it through the storms and thorns

Alas, now you’re afar

Many a step past our shire

You never said farewell

You rarely ask if I’m well

Suffer a fool, what more can he do

But bare his soul, a broken heart his tool


Yours forever,