You’re Beautiful, damnit!

Do you remember the porcelain doll-faced beauty I mentioned earlier? One of the Ukrainian students I’m teaching just threw the age-old cliche “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” in my face. 

I thought this young lady was 21 or thereabouts, but it turns out she already has a Ph.D in Economics…and is currently doing another degree. Talmabout pulverising a man’s ego into puree. As expected of a lady, she has refused to reveal her age though. Gawd, some people’s genes can lower the self-esteem of entire nations. 

TBH it does seem females living in Krakow look fresher, friendlier than those living in Warsaw. Must be the weather…


All alone with a Black guy?

Made it to the halfway mark. 2 weeks of CELTA behind me. Million brain cells never to see the light of day. Last time I studied this much was probably when I took the Anatomy exam in med school. With all my experience…with the TEFL-cert I already have…there’s no part of this course that can be described as easy. We shall prevail.

The smiles that were prevalent on the faces of my colleagues on the first few days have all lost their shine. It’s so obvious that everyone needs a big drink and a massage, but there’s no time for that. I intend to go partying this weekend though…if I have the energy come evening.

Took a day off last weekend and visited Zakopane, a town located in the mountains. Highly overrated but at least now I can claim to have been there, done that. Being at an aqua park right next to the mountains was a lovely experience though.

It took almost forever to get there. Eventually we got off a few stops too early, and even attempted, foolishly, to hitchhike the rest of the way. I say “foolishly” because I doubt it anyone would pick up a Black male hitchhiker in this country.

I went there with K., who came over from Warsaw for the weekend. When we got to the guest house, the owner (an old lady) asked K., “Miss, where did you find yourself such a Black guy? Aren’t you afraid? All alone with him?”. Words and thoughts failed me.

Anyways, so far so good. Halfway through. 3 more essays to write, 4 more lessons to plan and conduct. We’re going to teach a new group tomorrow – one of the students, Lena (Ukrainian), is so pretty she’s practically a distraction. 

Thank God…I mean it…thank God it’s Friday!

P.S. I also started TEFL-C 2 days ago, thanks to Disney English. Story for another day…