Many years ago I dated a White woman who used the same racist lowblow during arguments. It wasn’t a constant but it did happen a couple of times. Unfortunately I once had the misfortune to meet her parents 聽and it turns out the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Another seemingly common occurrence in certain mixed relationships are arguments that end with one spouse threatening to get the other deported. Obviously this would be an effectiveness scare tactic in a “love for papers” relationship, which makes me wonder why my Ex tried that.


We all know some beaches be cray.

On the other side of the wall, we can find various shades of people with strong opinions on mixed relationships.

Neo-Nazists and ultra-nationalists are fighting for the purity of their race and an unchanged cultural status quo. Apparently not only Lord Voldemort hates Muggles. #PureBlood

To be fair, I have to state that this is a point of view shared by both parties. Just last week, a Black woman on FB wrote about how having babies with White women is akin to propagating the mentality of slavery, and the Black man cannot be uplifted to equal status if we keep breeding with Whites (I’ve paraphrased her argument).

In addition Babcias and Ciocias (grannies and aunties) worry about the ridicule which is certain to arise from the hearts of neighbors. Going to market place becomes a bit too adventurous when the busybody living down the 聽road keeps asking why your daughter/sister married “the African”.

Not to forget the wellwishers who are of the stance that mixed race children are either an abomination or were selfishly brought into the world to live a life of suffering at the hands of other “single-race” children.

A Dantean image, isn’t it?

When one places the cards on the table and take a long look at them…

  • cultural differences
  • linguistic misunderstandings
  • social persecution
  • fear of loss of self and status
  • etc

the question appears in neon with a background of lightning – “Why do Black Men date White Women“. (Please do insert any race into the gaps and share some thoughts in the comment box).

I can only speak for myself and mine. I’ll make it short and simple.

Love is colourblind.

Regardless of what your eyes see and what your head processes, the battle is over and the search must end once your heart decides.

With love and in love we heal and thrive. We are nurtured and we are blessed.

Albeit fingers may be pointed and mockery may be disgorge from the lips of naysayers, when you find a good thing do not let it go.

Albeit family and friends may turn away from you, let it not matter if it drops on you in shades of Chocolate or Vanilla.

Albeit your head may claim it would be easier to bond with a partner of the same race, culture, colour and language, let your heart lead you.

Haters gonna hate anyway.


Love Don’t Care

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My amazingly talented sister has released a new single.

Perfectly timed for Valentine’s weekend, this song聽will make you hug that special someone for a few minutes longer than usual 馃槢

Beautiful music from a beautiful soul with a beautiful voice.